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What Would Having Absolute Power Over Money Change For You?


We know the world is rapidly changing. Times of economic uncertainty often call for new ways of thinking, particularly when it comes to how we earn and invest money personally, and within the business world. If you’re exploring your options, you’ve landed in the right place. Boosting your financial resilience by diversifying your income is now almost essential rather than a trend. 

My set up is no ordinary 'side income' or 'side hustle'. It's a leveraged business platform. My unique system gives you access to a turn-key business to create recurring income, directly from your smart device in more ways than one. Through the vehicle of Network Marketing, Brand Partnerships or set and forget Investments, I match you with the right vehicle for your lifestyle goal.


Network Marketing is a product distribution channel offering quality products and/or services using online & word of mouth marketing. It sits in between the business owner the consumer. What would have been advertising dollars are instead funnelled into the wallets of brand partners or affiliates those who share it, without the usual overheads associated with traditional business.

The key to our success has been combining our team system with generous, ethical, progressive enterprise that has lifted the standard of the profession globally. 


Create Wealth
The Way You Want


Back in 2019, I hit a brick wall. My team and I continually witnessed a plethora of ‘masculine energy’ teachers promoting the ‘hustle and grind tactics' of online sales.


​I wanted to create an online business model where we do things differently and run a business with class and in alignment with how each individual or business wants to show up. One to enjoy and be proud of!

What emerged was an intentional team brand, simply; ‘Your Best Life’. A brand you can trust for a lifetime.



  • Full time and single parents who are earning extra money AROUND their family time.

  • Businesses wanting to diversify their income​ with no overheads.

  • Health professionals wanting to create a change in their own life and have a greater impact.

  • Mums who want to stay at home longer with their kids and still have a successful career. without being bound to an office or cubicle.

  • Corporates who are looking to build their wealth portfolio​​.

Creating an extra few hundred dollars a month, diversifying income for your existing business or replacing your full time income online and going ‘All In’ on wealth creation - the choice is yours.


So if you, or someone you know, might be looking for what we have, don’t be shy...... Conversations are free. It might just be your missing piece.


Brand Partnerships


If you use products, and love the results, then why not become an advocate?  Just like we support individuals to grow and flourish, we also partner with like-minded businesses who are looking for ways to support their clients and improve their results, while generating an additional income stream. 

With wellbeing brand partners across a number of industries such as beauty services, alternative health, wellness, sports and personal fitness, we work with you 1 on 1. We help implement our products into your business, support growth and provide education around our range. After all, your success is our success!


  • Low investment barrier with a referral-based business model

  • No inventory or shelf stock as product is shipped directly to the customer

  • All logistics, returns and account enquiries taken care of for you

  • Simple accounting, reported weekly

  • QR code ordering makes it simple for clients

  • Full suite of 'done for you' marketing and social assets to use

"Since using Collagen Elixir, not only is my skin glowing and hydrated, my dermatitis has improved immensely and I’m no longer itching. I loved the results of this product so much the YBL team helped me launch it into my salon and gave me the tools I needed to promote this product for healthy hair, skin and nails to my clients. I have a loyal customer base who trust me and I definitely wouldn’t recommend a product that I didn’t believe in. Collagen Elixir has been a great addition to my business and the supplementary income a life-saver during times of closure during the pandemic."

Brony, Salon Owner, Brony on Benson, Remuera Auckland

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Life WithoutLimits


Rewind the clock to 2014. After experiencing an incredible shift I could never go back from, I wondered how I could leverage the online space & social media (that I was already spending time on) that would allow me to be successful but also be present as a mother, wife and friend?

Did I ever think the world of ecommerce was going to come into my life and provide a springboard for programs to help others? Not really. But I realised if I created a system that was not only flexible, achievable and duplicatable, almost anyone could do it. And that’s exactly what unfolded. 


Fast forward to 2021 and my team is built of 1000's of passionate individuals and businesses who distribute info to others on solutions that add VALUE to their lives. 


In our team we have 6 figure, multiple 6 figure and even 7 figure earners all over the world. This is the place where you bring the OPEN MIND, energy and positivity and you have the opportunity to create your legacy, with integrity, solid foundations, and a vision for a better future.

Becoming empowered financially allows you to BE, DO, & HAVE EVERYTHING YOU DESIRE without having to ask people or money, for permission.