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What Would Having Absolute Power Over Money Change For You?


The world is rapidly changing. Times of economic uncertainty call for new ways of thinking, particularly when it comes to how we earn and invest money personally, and within the business world. If you’re exploring options, you’ve landed in the right place! Boosting your financial resilience by diversifying your income is now almost essential rather than a trend. 

My set ups are not your ordinary 'side income' or 'side hustle', they are leveraged business platforms. My tried, tested and vetted offerings give you access to a turn-key business model or investment to create recurring income, directly from your smart device, in more ways than one.


  • Full time and single parents who are earning extra money AROUND their family time.

  • Businesses wanting to diversify their income​ with no overheads.

  • Health professionals wanting to create a change in their own life and have a greater impact.

  • Parents who want to stay at home longer with their kids and still have a successful career without being bound to an office or cubicle.

  • Corporates who are looking to build their wealth portfolio​​.



We all have different ambitions, interests, personality types and availability of resources to work with, so here you can pair yourself with the right vehicle that matches YOU and your goals.


Below you can explore the three main areas I've had both experience and success with. Whether you're looking to create an extra few hundred dollars a month, replace your full time income, or create generational wealth and legacy - the choice is yours.

Passive Income Online

Passive Income Online



Over the last few years, no one could have predicted what unfolded. You don't need a patronising spiel reminding you about mounting pressure from mortgage stress, bills, expenses and rising costs of living.

I straight up want to make frick tonnes of money from multiple and diversified streams, but I didn't always have the right connections and knowledge to confidently make moves.

Despite money making opportunities having their fair share of bad press; I decided and I moved.


I got to work and spent 2+ years networking, connecting with and researching people, projects, and platforms in the trading, AI software, minting/mining, crypto space, online. And I don't mean just buying 'crypto' - I've never been a fan of trying to 'predict' gains/losses in ANY financial market. I've instead pursued longer term, lower risk, controlled and vetted opportunities.


» If you simply desire more money, and love multiple streams of income, this could be for you..

» If you're happy to enter the crypto, trading, minting/mining or AI software space, or are brand new to all these terms, this could be for you.

» If you desire personal wealth creation and don't want to refer/share with others, this could be for you.

» If you're interested in projects that don't require a huge skill set and can truly be 'set and forget' this is for you.

» If you have no spare money to invest at all, this will not be for you. 

Old ways won't open new doors, modern wealth creation awaits in the Facebook Community below - join us to see if you're a match.

Making Wealth In The Wellness Space


YOUR BEST LIFE is aligned with Isagenix, a global company offering a wide range of premium LUXE health and wellbeing products.

Our aim is fight age related decline, reduce free radicals formed in the body and improve markers of metabolic health. Isagenix uses the best of Western nutrition and Eastern principles to create products that deliver the best of what nature and science have to offer.

While this remains very much at the heart of the Isagenix philosophy, they are constantly looking to evolve and grow with new products that harness the best of new technology and world first innovation.

Isagenix is a forward thinking company that strives to be ahead of the curve.


By aligning your business with them, you will be too.  

Wealth In Wellness

The Opportunity

$183 Billion Market

By 2028


Affects 95% of the Global Population

Wellness is a top priority in daily life & health concerns affect the majority of society
- McKinsey Report & Science Daily

Biohacking Industry $63B

By 2028
- ​​​Grandview Research


In 5 Years from now...

Every Venture Fund Will Have A Longevity Theme
- Market Watch


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing & Brand Partnerships


If you use products and / or services, have a positive experience and love the results, then why not become an advocate?


Referral Marketing is truly commonplace in most businesses these days, heck we do it for free when we share a restaurant or movie we love, so why not get paid for it. Income from referrals/recommendations can be either via wellbeing products or passive income projects.

You've no doubt heard me say that we do things differently in this space - no 'rah rah', pushy sales tactics or cold messaging. I wanted to create a professional online business model to refer what we love, with class and in a way that we're proud of!


Referral Marketing is a product or service distribution channel offering quality products and/or services using online & word of mouth marketing. It sits in between the business owner & the consumer.


What would have been advertising dollars are instead funnelled directly to those who refer it, without the usual overheads associated with setting up a traditional business.


  • Low investment barrier with a referral-based business model

  • No inventory or shelf stock as product is shipped directly to the customer

  • All logistics, returns and account enquiries taken care of for you

  • Simple accounting, reported weekly

  • QR code ordering makes it simple for clients

  • Full suite of 'done for you' marketing and social assets to use


Just like we support individuals with our solutions, we also partner with like-minded businesses looking for ways to support their clients and improve their results, while generating an additional income. A generous upfront 20% profit on purchases as well as ongoing recurring revenue.

With wellbeing brand partners across a number of industries, we work with you 1 on 1. We help implement our products into your business, support growth and provide education around our range. After all, your success is our success.

"Since using Collagen Elixir, not only is my skin glowing and hydrated, my dermatitis has improved immensely and I’m no longer itching. I loved the results of this product so much the YBL team helped me launch it into my salon and gave me the tools I needed to promote this product for healthy hair, skin and nails to my clients. I have a loyal customer base who trust me and I definitely wouldn’t recommend a product that I didn’t believe in. Collagen Elixir has been a great addition to my business and the supplementary income a life-saver during times of closure during the pandemic."

Brony, Salon Owner, Brony on Benson, Remuera Auckland

Business Mentorship

Ready To Go 
'All In'?


Throughout my years in business, I've witnessed a plethora of ‘masculine energy’ teachers and mentors promoting ‘hustle and grind tactics' of online sales 'for the masses'.


The Referral/Affiliate/Network Marketing space was overrun with 'one size fits all', copy cat trainings and icky tactics to every friend, family or foe they encountered (basically anyone with a pulse).


​I wanted to create a professional online business model where we do things differently. I help you create a strategy where you hone in on your unique zone of genius, in alignment with why, where and how you want to show up. 

I now know that creating a suite of offerings that are simple, flexible, achievable and duplicatable, almost anyone could do it. And that’s exactly what unfolded.


I now help Entrepreneurs, Network and Referral Marketers and Small Business to do the same. Spots are limited for my 1 to 1 consults and are by application only below.  

This is the place where you bring your existing business or desire to create a 'turn-key' one, an open mind, energy and positivity and you have the opportunity to create your legacy! 

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