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About Me

About Me

Emma Carrera is a success mentor and source of inspiration for those wanting to up-level their physical and financial health and magnetise a life they love. 


Thousands of empowered clients all over the world have seen outcomes in body transformation, limiting beliefs lifestyle improvements and confidence. They release old patterns, find balance, create wealth and breakthrough.

Emma firmly believes the physical body is only half the battle as stress and worry about money, scarcity and lack can be just as toxic to your health as any bad diet - and she’s here to change that.


A self-confessed science nerd with an analytical brain, Emma explored the worlds of industry disrupting products, referral marketing, online wealth creation and energetics around money and self sabotage, merged it all with her physiology background and it changed everything for those in her world.

In a nutshell - she is a shape-shifter;

physically, mentally, emotionally and financially.



After a couple of decades in the game - 2021 was the year everything changed for my personal and business life. Not just because I implemented better techniques and strategy, but because of WHO I BECAME through the process. 


The years that followed took me on a journey and shifted; Who I am, How I do life and What I can achieve. But this work wasn’t just for me. 


I tested my techniques with those I trusted, and what I saw unlock within them blew me away. People got to be front and centre, leading the way to success with self love and fulfilment for themselves, their families and in their businesses/careers.


It isn't always about WHAT we do, it's the energy behind WHO we are when we do it.


So if you're looking to love your life NOW - connect below to start a conversation that could change it all forever…

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